I’ve begun the process of editing and uploading videos from our recent Great Western Adventure.



I’ve uploaded a few videos from my recent trip to Orlando in November to the Vimeo account. Feel free to view them here –>

I’ve uploaded 9 videos to my Nashville Zoo collection over on Vimeo. Click this link –> and it should take you there. You should be able to view each video by clicking on the image and hitting the play button. If you have any problems seeing them, let me know!


Disney is now providing videos of you while riding their rides! It’s all tied to your Magic Bands and if you have the Memory Maker, any ride that takes photos are automatically uploaded to your account in addition to the videos! It’s GREAT!

Tower of Terror Ride –>

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride –>


Our other videos from previous Disney vacations are also found on Vimeo. To view them, you’ll need a password. Just send me a message using the Contact Me page and I’ll email it to you. Hopefully we’ll have more videos to share from our upcoming visit!

Disney –>


Let me hear your thoughts!

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