2018… A Review

Wow, a whole year has spun by so quickly! Every time I plan out a vacation I keep hoping to speed up time so that we can get going and then in the blink of an eye it has passed us by and we’re back to our usual routines waiting anxiously for our next break. […]

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DarkSide 2018

The day is almost upon us! We’re this much closer to our next runcation! Things to look forward to? Running with thousands of other like minded individuals Seeing hundreds of thousands of running costumes Running THREE races Okay, make it walking with some slight jogging (I have to wear a boot for three weeks due […]

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Another runcation complete!

Last weekend we found ourselves on a 10 hour drive to Virginia for the Marine Corps Access Granted 17.75K. My husband decided earlier this year (really I think he’s toyed with the idea for much longer) that he wants to run a full marathon. Yes, 26.2 MILES! So proud of him! And nervous for him […]

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Runcation Recap

Well, as always, I underestimate how exhausted we are at the end of the day and how I never have time to post while on vacation. That being said, I had hoped to post earlier once we returned home, but unfortunately we brought home an unwelcome guest from the Disney parks: the FLU!!!! Yep, we’ve […]

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Runcation Day 1!

Spent the day at Magic Kingdom in cold rainy weather. Many people weren’t prepared for it which made it better for us cause the park was fairly empty. We ended the day with a huge meal at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue inside the campsites at the Wilderness Resort.

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We finally made it to our destination. If you decide to drive to Florida, I warn you that traffic in the whole state of Georgia is terrible. Seems that there’s always road construction. Just be prepared to add another hour or so to your travel time. We went from 5 degree weather at home to […]

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Runcation Days One and Two

Well, the hubby arrived safely yesterday and spent the afternoon wandering through Dowtown Disney and relaxing before I arrived. I managed to get on an earlier train ride, however, my luggage somehow got routed to Los Angeles. Which meant I spent a troubled evening wearing the same clothes I had when I boarded the train on […]

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Wine tasting and dinner

They announced a wine tasting in the lounge car, so I HAD to take advantage of it! I wasn’t paying attention though and almost walked into the kitchen area. I didn’t realize the entrance was through a narrow hallway on the right. Doh! I was seated and immediately two other people sat with me. The […]

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Travel by Train

Wow. Just wow! I’ve only been riding for the past hour, and I was already in love with this method of traveling BEFORE we left the station! I opted for the business class section just so that I could have more room to spread out and lay almost all the way back for the overnight […]

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