San Francisco Day 9

Today’s itinerary began with a quick jaunt to Pier 33 and board a ferry to Alcatraz Island. From there we took a streetcar to San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. Or SFMOMA for short. We spent several hours walking through 6 floors of exhibits. There’s actually 7 floors to the museum, but the top floor […]

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California Coast Day 8

Yesterday was a better day for traveling. It wasn’t as long and intense as the day before, thank goodness! Although we did come across the section of road on 101S that had been under a landslide recently. That was a bit scary to come across. So thankful to the California Transportation employees for working double […]

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Oregon Coast Day 7.1

Yesterday was a whirlwind day! We left Portland early in the morning and headed towards Cannon Beach to see the infamous Haystack Rock made even more famous when it was featured in our favorite movie of all times: The GOONIES! Before arriving at Cannon Beach, we stopped at one of the rest areas and were […]

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Portland Day 6

Well, as we wrap up Portland before we head to the coast we decided to visit the Oregon Zoo. We were able to quickly download an app for the TriMet, purchase day passes on the train and walk to the station in the blink of an eye. Well, longer than that considering how long it […]

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Portland Day 4 & 5

The family is here! They arrived safely and we’ve been sightseeing like crazy. Yesterday we had to spend some quality time at Powell’s Books before having a lovely dinner at Q. A great way to experience typical Oregonian fare. This morning we left early and headed up to Multnomah Falls. I recommend you don’t attempt […]

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Portland Day 1

I made it to Portlandia! Too bad it was cloudy on the way in to the city and I was unable to capture the mountain in the distance. Perhaps next time she won’t be as elusive. We stopped in Chicago on the way to Portland. The lake is HUGE! And as always, Southwest never ceases […]

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Crisis Slightly Averted

I was so looking forward to taking the family on a lovely overnight train ride from Portland to San Francisco when we go on our Great Western Adventure. Then I got a phone all from Amtrak this morning. Seems a freight train derailed and caused some serious damage to the rail line they share with […]

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The Great Western Adventure

We are so excited! I’ve been working diligently all weekend long on our itinerary out west and have made numerous reservations in anticipation of our upcoming family adventure. In a few short weeks we will be heading to Portland, OR. From there we will then take an overnight train ride to San Francisco where we’ll […]

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A family outing

Mother’s Day turned out to have a theme in our house. We spent the day at the Nashville Zoo before capping the day by seeing The Jungle Book. What a glorious day! Love spending it with my family. Love spending it outside. Love seeing familiar animal faces, and a few new ones too! I’ll upload […]

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