Spur of the Moment Family Outing

We decided to do a quick lunch today with the college kid and Granny and ended up eating downtown at BarLines. We even had some entertainment! Afterwards while Granny and I waited to be picked up we watched some skateboarders attempt to do a few tricks across the street at the Convention Center. If you […]

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Puppy Smells

I know this is primarily a travel blog, but every now and then I post something that’s not travel-related. Today is a post dedicated for my wonderful mother-in-law, Sara. Hi Sara!!!! After the passing of her precious basset hound, Max, she’s been looking forward to the day when she would bring home a new addition […]

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Family Outing to the Nashville Zoo

We hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration this past weekend! The weather was a bit crazy for some of us in the days leading up to our nation’s birthday. Our county postponed their fireworks display until Sunday evening, but that didn’t stop our fellow neighbors from showing off their fireworks on Saturday […]

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iPhone and Disney

I promised my daughter to not take as many pictures as I normally do, but some things are easier said than done. This weekend I worked on downloading the pictures from my phone alone and it was a lot. Something in the range of around 500 photos? I can’t help myself. I see something that […]

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Animal Kingdom

The first time we visited this park it was just my husband and daughter since I had to stay behind and attend a meeting on site. They had a blast together riding Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, and the Safari Trek. The next time we came it was for Mother’s Day. Since this is my favorite of […]

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This has to be the park we visited the most, besides Magic Kingdom. We would come to Epcot in the evenings to have dinner. There are so many places to go eat and they have such a wide variety! Canada, England, Norway, China, Mexico, Japan, Morocco, the list is endless! To top it off, Disney […]

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Hollywood Studios

This park was so much fun this time around. There’s usually not that much to do for us here, so we typically are done by dinner and head over to another park for the evening. But this park was gearing up for Star Wars Weekends that started a few days ago on May 15th. The […]

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Day Four: 10+ miles

I just checked the pedometer and we walked 7.9 miles on Sunday, 7.2 miles on Monday, and 10.6 miles on Tuesday! So awesome! I’m sure my family has clocked in some miles today as they’re spending some quality father/daughter bonding moments at Animal Kingdom. I’ve done very little walking during this meeting (1.6 miles to […]

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Day Three: Festival of Flowers

Epcot has had the Festival of Flowers in full gear since around March and will wrap things up right before Star Wars Weekends begin over at Hollywood Studios. Because today was a partial working day, the family took off to have some fun before I met up with them for lunch. D got to experience Soarin’ […]

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