The Marketplace

Dave finally made it safely to Seattle and got some free time to take in the sights. I talked to him a few times today and he mentioned how he had forgotten how wonderful Pike Place Market was. I agree. Seeing that market place and all of the abundant fresh flowers is really breathtaking. He […]

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Seattle Bound

The hubby departed first thing this morning at 6 am on his way to attend a conference in Seattle, WA this week. Hopefully he’ll have some spare time once he arrives later today to do some sightseeing before the conference begins this evening. I’ll make sure to post pictures if his phone cooperates. Otherwise, he’ll […]

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World’s Fair

So today I went on a site visit to scope out Knoxville as a possible venue for an upcoming event at work. With a quick road trip 3 hours away, we wanted to make sure it met all of our requirements. We toured the convention center as well as three area hotels. Our guide took […]

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London: Days 6 and 7

Thursday was starting to look bleak for our daughter when I spoke to her last night. They were supposed to use their free time to go and see the London Eye, but the bus never came to pick them up. Not sure what they did that evening (she didn’t say much because she was exhausted last […]

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London: Days Four and Five

Our daughter has been super busy these past few days. She is taking classes you know while she’s in London! On Tuesday she spent the day at the University of Oxford (the oldest university in the English-speaking world) where she got to sit in on a lecture with Alister McGrath, author of C.S. Lewis – A Life, […]

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London: Day Three

L had another full day and she tells us that she had a boatload of homework to do tonight! They had a lecture from the President of the University at Regent’s University, followed by some group work in the afternoon before heading over to Westminster Abbey (founded in 960) for Evensong. They had dinner at the Archduke before returning to […]

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London: Day Two

L had another full day. She didn’t get a chance to call us today, but we texted and she was able to upload a few pics from her morning bike tour. Hopefully we’ll see more pics later tomorrow. Her friend did upload a few pictures that had L in them to the group page they created for […]

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Day One: Her Perspective

D and I had a nice chat with L today (we even FaceTimed!!!). She was exhausted, but she had a great time today. The flight was about 8 hours long (they flew awfully close to Greenland!), unfortunately she was a bit crammed in her seat and only managed to sleep about 3 and a half hours. Hopefully […]

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London: Travel Day

As I type this our daughter is currently flying over Canada on her way to England. We hope that she’ll be able to post some pictures daily that we can then share with you here. If not, we’ll definitely post them upon her return. We can’t wait to hear of her many adventures while in […]

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Bats, Consumption, and More

Our thighs and calf muscles got a mega workout in the cave today! We walked three miles in a little over 2.5 miles. We learned that Native Americans used the cave as far back as 5,000 years ago. We saw two buildings that were built in the 1800’s to house a doctor that treated patients […]

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