Day Eight: Saying Goodbye

So today was my last day at the world of magic. I managed to get up early enough and got to Animal Kingdom before they opened. The park opened at 9 but they let us in almost 30 minutes early! I was able to see gorillas, bats, birds, elephants, rhinos, and dinosaurs! All by noon. […]

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Day Six: Port Orleans Riverside

So today was a full day of visiting two of the three venues for our event site. Because the two hotels were in such close proximity to Downtown Disney we were able to eat lunch there and return afterwards so that we could use Disney’s transportation back to our resort. I spent the early part […]

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Day Four: MGM

So MGM was awesome! We saw Dinosaur Gertie but she had closed by the time I swung by. So no ice cream bar for me. We had a great time watching the Indiana Jones show, which I heard is closing soon. And we played Toy Story Mania. And we had our famous burger at the […]

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Day Three: Magic Kingdom

So most of the pictures I’ve uploaded here were taken with my iPhone. I may wait till I’m back home to upload the pics from my camera. Yesterday we got a slight late start but we stayed at Magic until 1 am! And we got to ride the new Mine Train ride!!! It was worth […]

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Day Two: Animal Kingdom

Can’t write much today as we are on a bus headed to Magic Kingdom. Our daughter had a mishap when we arrived at the Orlando airport. On our way to get our luggage she lost her balance and fell down two flights of stairs. Aside from a few bruises and a sprained ankle she’s ok. We […]

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Day One: Disney 2014

It’s here! We’re packed and ready to go. Trying to wrap up a few things before we pick up the teen from college as we head to the land of magic and wonder! For those of you that have never been to a resort you probably had no clue of where we are staying. Right? […]

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It’s around the corner!

I haven’t posted as frequently as I thought I would (daily is what I had in mind), but that’s okay! Our daughter came home this weekend, so we spent lots of valuable time together. She and I went and got our nails done in preparation for our trip. I thought they turned out lovely. The […]

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It’s getting closer!!!

Just a few more days and we’ll finally be in DisneyWorld! Our daughter decided to surprise us by coming home for the weekend, so last night all we did was chat it up about our upcoming vacation. We’re already looking forward to some of our favorite rides like Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and […]

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Reservations Finalized!

So we finally heard back from Disney on Monday afternoon with our hotel reservations. Although we’re not staying where the event will take place next year, Disney was more than accommodating by placing us at a moderate resort with a very, very, reasonable rate. One not offered to the general public online. How could we […]

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And the countdown begins

I recently found out that my workplace decided to conduct a site visit in beautiful Orlando for an upcoming event. Which means we will be THIS close to DisneyWorld! In less than 2 weeks! It worked out that I was able to take off a few extra days before our meeting so that my family and I […]

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