Runcation Days One and Two

Well, the hubby arrived safely yesterday and spent the afternoon wandering through Dowtown Disney and relaxing before I arrived. I managed to get on an earlier train ride, however, my luggage somehow got routed to Los Angeles. Which meant I spent a troubled evening wearing the same clothes I had when I boarded the train on […]

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Wine tasting and dinner

They announced a wine tasting in the lounge car, so I HAD to take advantage of it! I wasn’t paying attention though and almost walked into the kitchen area. I didn’t realize the entrance was through a narrow hallway on the right. Doh! I was seated and immediately two other people sat with me. The […]

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Travel by Train

Wow. Just wow! I’ve only been riding for the past hour, and I was already in love with this method of traveling BEFORE we left the station! I opted for the business class section just so that I could have more room to spread out and lay almost all the way back for the overnight […]

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Yosemite Day 12

Our final full day of vacation was spent hiking through Yosemite on our own without a tour guide. We left this morning for Hetch Hetchy to see if we could hike to Wapama Falls. Although the morning was overcast and a bit foggy, the hike did not disappoint. To get there was about a 16 […]

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Yosemite Day 11

Words and pictures do not do this park justice. I walked around in constant awe of our surroundings. This place is simply spectacular and I’m already planning on convincing the family to move here at some point in our lives. For now, we will settle on coming here annually. For starters, I cannot stop talking […]

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Great Western Adventure Day 10

Talk about a whirlwind day. We woke up in San Francisco, drove to San Jose, and are now going to sleep in Yosemite. We’ve crisscrossed through several cities and towns! We decided to be take our time this morning when we realized that unless we wanted to do an 8 mile run, we were too […]

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San Francisco Day 9

Today’s itinerary began with a quick jaunt to Pier 33 and board a ferry to Alcatraz Island. From there we took a streetcar to San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. Or SFMOMA for short. We spent several hours walking through 6 floors of exhibits. There’s actually 7 floors to the museum, but the top floor […]

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California Coast Day 8

Yesterday was a better day for traveling. It wasn’t as long and intense as the day before, thank goodness! Although we did come across the section of road on 101S that had been under a landslide recently. That was a bit scary to come across. So thankful to the California Transportation employees for working double […]

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Oregon Coast Day 7.1

Yesterday was a whirlwind day! We left Portland early in the morning and headed towards Cannon Beach to see the infamous Haystack Rock made even more famous when it was featured in our favorite movie of all times: The GOONIES! Before arriving at Cannon Beach, we stopped at one of the rest areas and were […]

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