We’re a family who loves to travel and love all things Disney. Since the year 2000 we’ve traveled to Walt Disney World in Florida a total of 10 times, and Disneyland 2 times (well 3 for me if you count when I was there as a toddler!). Most recently we went to Disney World to compete in the 5K and the half marathon for their Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary Marathon weekend. Our daughter joined us on this trip and ran the 5K with us!

Next up on our agenda is to participate in all three races for Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Dark Side. Although we missed the opportunity to participate in the Kessel Run Challenge this year due to Disneyland cancelling all of their races, we’ve opted to participate in their virtual races so that we can still bring home the coveted Kessel Run Challenge medal. To do that we must run a virtual half marathon AND participate in the Dark Side half marathon. Easy peasy, right?

We’ve also visited Seattle, Vancouver, the Biltmore, DC, Portland, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, and Muir Woods in recent years.

As always, thanks for joining us on our family adventures!

 – Gertie, Winter 2018


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