Runcation Recap

Well, as always, I underestimate how exhausted we are at the end of the day and how I never have time to post while on vacation. That being said, I had hoped to post earlier once we returned home, but unfortunately we brought home an unwelcome guest from the Disney parks: the FLU!!!! Yep, we’ve been holed up at home for the past week trying to get better.

I was finally able to organize our photos today so that I can post a few for you that were taken by the professional photographers at Disney. If you’re investing in a vacation at Disney, then I suggest you leave your camera behind, and pay the money towards the Memory Maker. Their photographers are pretty good at what they do, and you end up coming home with a couple hundred photos. We had over 400 in our account from this trip alone. Disney also gave us some bonus photos (think around 50+ media photos) taken of their parks and some of their characters that are included in your downloads. If you’re planning on vacationing multiple times in one year (like we are) then you will benefit from upgrading to an Annual Pass. The Pass pays for itself after a couple of visits and you automatically get downloads of all of your photos taken throughout the year. Since we’re planning on running a few more races in the near future, we upgraded to the annual pass before we entered our first park.

I will say this about the races this year. We checked the weather and knew it would be cold when we arrived, but really didn’t mentally prepare ourselves for the cold. Our first day was excruciatingly cold and rainy. The 5K was in the low 30’s and felt like it was in the 20’s. It warmed up finally the day that we LEFT! So yes, we were dressed in layers for most of our time there. But I have to admit, I would much rather be cold than hot while walking through the parks! It made running easier during the races. I just hate that we caught the flu while we were there.

Now to prep for the next race!