Wine tasting and dinner

They announced a wine tasting in the lounge car, so I HAD to take advantage of it! I wasn’t paying attention though and almost walked into the kitchen area. I didn’t realize the entrance was through a narrow hallway on the right. Doh! I was seated and immediately two other people sat with me. The introvert in me hyperventilated a little bit. But the company was great, and the wine even better. We had a red wine, a Malbec, and a Riesling. I found the Riesling to be a bit on the sweet side. But the other two were quite delicious!

Afterwards I made my way to the dining car for dinner. If you look at the menu, one of the chefs reminded me of Wolverine. To quote my daughter, he as some serious “manchops”! My companions for the evening were a mother and daughter duo, and an elderly grandmother. Very delightful ladies! I ordered the butternut squash risotto, which I devoured in no time. It was superb! Not bad for train food!

While there we made another stop, this time in Eugene, OR. They told us cell access and internet would be spotty when we started the climb up the Cascade Mountains. Which was fine since it was already time for bed. We did see a ton of snow in the mountains. I managed to finally drift off to sleep around 1:30 this morning and then woke up at 4 when my foot started to fall asleep because it had dangled off the seat. Now I’m waiting for sunrise and COFFEE!!!

I did hear from the hubby. He has since boarded his flight and will arrive at our destination before my train does! Disneyland here we come!!!!