Travel by Train

Wow. Just wow! I’ve only been riding for the past hour, and I was already in love with this method of traveling BEFORE we left the station! I opted for the business class section just so that I could have more room to spread out and lay almost all the way back for the overnight adventure. I really don’t know why we don’t travel by train more often. I would do it all the time!

Because I had business class, I was able to board the train before everyone else. When I first entered the train station, I checked in with the desk who then guided me over to check my baggage. I was able to consolidate my items down to a backpack, a bag with snacks (Blue Star Donuts people!!), and my pillow and blanket. Then I made my way to the LOUNGE. Which was a bit stuffier than the main entrance, but since I was boarding earlier than others, I didn’t mind. The lounge was full of elderly individuals all riding to various locations. I felt at home.

About 20 minutes later an Amtrak employee announced that it was time to board the train! ALL ABOARD! We made our way down to our car. A conductor checked my ticket and I went up the stairs (STAIRS) to the upper level of the train. The stairs opened up on business class, and since there weren’t many people, we were all able to grab a seat to ourselves. It’s an INTROVERT’s DREAM!

The dining car is directly in front of me, and after about 20 minutes of traveling an individual came around and asked me if I wanted dining reservations. Heck yea! I picked the first available time slot (5:30) in the hopes that it will still be daylight when I go to eat so that I have a view.

Speaking of views, the observation deck is the car behind mine. I already stopped by once today, and will more than likely keep visiting.

Seriously, I feel like Sheldon Cooper (mom, you won’t know who I’m talking about, it’s a TV show) on this train.

I’m off to take more pictures and videos and will upload them as I get a chance.