Great Western Adventure Day 10

Talk about a whirlwind day. We woke up in San Francisco, drove to San Jose, and are now going to sleep in Yosemite. We’ve crisscrossed through several cities and towns!

We decided to be take our time this morning when we realized that unless we wanted to do an 8 mile run, we were too far away to run to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. So we opted to have breakfast at the IHOP next door. I think that was a fair trade, don’t you?

We drove to the Presidio and Fort Point for a few final photos of the Bridge (and a brief stop at the Walt Disney Family Museum) before turning the car around and heading south towards San Jose to see the infamous Winchester Mystery House! I still can’t get over the sheer number of houses that are just packed like sardines with no yards that close to the center of the city. We eventually took a few side roads to avoid major traffic and saw many gorgeous homes on acre lots. Who knows how much they cost!

The Winchester Mystery House was owned by Mrs. Winchester. Her husband was of the Winchester Rifle family. To combat the spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifle, Mrs. Winchester was instructed by a psychic to move out west and build onto a house and to never stop building. As that would stop the spirits from finding her. The house didn’t have the original furnishings as they were sold at an estate sale upon her death. Photography isn’t allowed in the house, so I don’t have any photos from inside, but I was able to take a few of the exterior.

After that we hit the rolling hills of California and the magnificent vineyards on our way to our lodge. We were super impressed with our suite. It’s the largest suite I’ve seen in a long while. We have a large balcony shared by the living area and the bedroom. The sofa in the living room turns into a bed and faces a gas stove. The whole lodge opened in June 2016, so it still has that new smell. And the wifi speed here is incredibly fast! There are no TVs in the room, instead they’ve supplied us with tons of board games and reading material. But I’m glad for the wifi, just so I can upload our photos. We don’t have phone service, and that’s fine by me. I’ve already made up my mind that we’re coming back again soon and staying longer next time.

Tomorrow we leave for a day long excursion through the park. But before we go, we’re going to try and go for a run in the morning. Stay tuned for more photos!