San Francisco Day 9

Today’s itinerary began with a quick jaunt to Pier 33 and board a ferry to Alcatraz Island. From there we took a streetcar to San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. Or SFMOMA for short. We spent several hours walking through 6 floors of exhibits. There’s actually 7 floors to the museum, but the top floor was closed for an incoming exhibit. The current special exhibit was on Matisse and Diebenkorn. I’ve since learned that I’m not a fan of Diebenkorn (much to my daughter’s dismay), nor am I really a fan of modern art. I also was a bit annoyed by the sheer number of pretentious individuals at the museum that thought so highly of themselves and their opinion on art.

Halfway through our visit, we stopped at the cafe and had the most delicious lunch with delightful desserts! My favorite of the three had to be the coffee cake. It was quite similar to Tiramisu, and I fall for that every time.

After SFMOMA, we decided to walk to Lombard Street so that we could see the famous crooked street. I still cannot believe we climbed to the top of the street. The views from there were spectacular! How do people drive up these hills is beyond me.

On the way to Lombard Street, my husband casually looked to the left and saw a bookstore that he knew we would love to visit. So we stopped in and walked through each floor. Little did I know until the end that we were inside the famous City Lights Bookstore! I had made a mental note of visiting there when I planned out this trip, but had forgotten to actually write it out. So happy he happened to see it as we walked past!

We also decided to grab a bite to eat and stopped at one of the many Italian restaurants in the area. Highly recommend stopping by Pantarei Restaurant if you’re in the mood for Italian in the area. The ravioli stuffed with short ribs was delizioso!

From there we walked to Ghiradelli Square and I pretty much inhaled the chocolate just from being there. And what did I purchase? Not chocolate but a coloring book instead! I know, I have a problem. And I admit, it might be getting out of hand. I just can’t help myself!