California Coast Day 8

Yesterday was a better day for traveling. It wasn’t as long and intense as the day before, thank goodness! Although we did come across the section of road on 101S that had been under a landslide recently. That was a bit scary to come across. So thankful to the California Transportation employees for working double time to get that road cleared off. Kudos to them for having the courage to undertake such a risky job!

Two major things that we wanted to do was to drive through the Avenue of the Giants and to visit Muir Woods once we were near to San Francisco. Mission accomplished. Although part of the Avenue was closed due to a giant redwood tree that had fallen a couple of days ago. But it was closer to the end, so we didn’t miss much. The size of the trees in that area was truly amazing! I just could not get over the sheer size of them.

Muir Woods was a bit frantic to get to off of SR-101 South. It’s a pretty windy road that goes up into the mountains before coming back down to the main entrance. You’re pretty much doing 10MPH just to make it there safely since there are plenty of drop offs and no guardrails in sight! But the end result was worth the drive. We took the canopy trail and hiked about 2+ miles.

Afterwards we drove into San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge. What a view! Stay tuned for more adventures!