Oregon Coast Day 7.1

Yesterday was a whirlwind day! We left Portland early in the morning and headed towards Cannon Beach to see the infamous Haystack Rock made even more famous when it was featured in our favorite movie of all times: The GOONIES!

Before arriving at Cannon Beach, we stopped at one of the rest areas and were lucky enough to be at one that had a hiking trail! We took advantage of it and hiked for a bit before going back on the road.

The beauty of the Oregon coast is just spectacular and I know the pictures I took did not do it justice. The sounds of the waves crashing, the size of the beach, the size of the rock formations… it was just impressive!

After Cannon Beach, we headed to Bandon, OR to catch a glimpse of Face Rock. Last week, someone mentioned it to me on a group page I follow, and I made a mental note that we would take a detour to see this formation. I was so glad we did that! The wind was whipping up a storm, but that did not stop us from taking pictures and walking down some rickety stairs to the beach to investigate further. Read more about the Legend of Face Rock HERE.

After this sunset came quickly and we were in a rush to get to our hotel in Arcata, CA before it got too dark. The last hour was pretty intense as the road narrowed and at times appeared to have disappeared altogether due to erosion. There were barricades, but I’m so thankful that because it was so dark, I couldn’t see the drop off that I imagined to be there. We also could tell that we drove through some tall redwood trees, but it was so dark out to be sure.

Truly a remarkable drive down the coast.