Portland Day 6

Well, as we wrap up Portland before we head to the coast we decided to visit the Oregon Zoo. We were able to quickly download an app for the TriMet, purchase day passes on the train and walk to the station in the blink of an eye. Well, longer than that considering how long it took us to get ready this morning!

Before we went to the zoo, we stopped at Behind the Museum Cafe, for coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Always a delight. There were some older locals gathered around a larger table on side of the room talking politics. It’s such a great, quiet atmosphere, and the latte can’t be beat. When in Portland, one must stop in and get a great cup of coffee!

Although the zoo appeared smaller than our hometown zoo, it seems to pack in more animals than ours. We saw condors, bears, seals, and otters. After the zoo, we rested for a bit before hitting the movie theatre to watch Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. I had hoped to take the family to a theatre where they serve you pizza at your seat, however, I took too long to buy the tickets and they were sold out. So, we decided to go to MOD Pizza instead, before going to Regal.

Not a bad wrap up to our trip to Portland. Tomorrow we shall see Haystack Rock!