Portland Day 4 & 5

The family is here! They arrived safely and we’ve been sightseeing like crazy. Yesterday we had to spend some quality time at Powell’s Books before having a lovely dinner at Q. A great way to experience typical Oregonian fare. This morning we left early and headed up to Multnomah Falls. I recommend you don’t attempt to climb to the top after having only a cup of coffee and some DayQuil in your system. It means that I hiked very, very, slowly and kept stopping just to breathe. And I’m not really out of shape anymore, but battling a head cold makes things a bit difficult.

We arrived just in time as it started to really rain after we had lunch at the Multnomah Falls Lodge.

This afternoon we spent some time at the Portland Art Museum and saw a variety of exhibits. Some on loan from Asia, some contemporary exhibits, and some classical ones. Two buildings and 11 floors worth of exhibits seen in 2 hours!

For dinner we opted to hang out at the Cinco de Mayo celebration that was on the waterfront. It’s a huge affair that encompasses several blocks on the water and runs for three days. They had food, singers, boxers, vendors, and rides. I had horchata to drink and it was delightful!