Portland Day 1

I made it to Portlandia! Too bad it was cloudy on the way in to the city and I was unable to capture the mountain in the distance. Perhaps next time she won’t be as elusive. We stopped in Chicago on the way to Portland. The lake is HUGE! And as always, Southwest never ceases to surprise me in the best of ways. There was a gentleman who had a birthday today and was on his way to Oregon with a group of teenagers to do some volunteer work. So we closed the blinds, turned down the lights and sang happy birthday for him. Love flying with them.

I had forgotten how easy it is to navigate downtown Portland by foot. Once we had lunch and checked in to our rooms, we were on a mission to get flip chart paper for our meeting. So much cheaper to just pick some up here in town than to pay double (if not triple) the cost by having it supplied to us by the hotel. Ah the life of a meeting coordinator! We’re always looking out for our budgets! So we set off in search of a place. Our first stop was Target. I picked up creamer. No flip chart paper in sight! Off to Office Depot. A few short blocks away and bingo, flip chart paper! On the way back to the hotel, we stopped by at VooDoo Doughnuts for a quick sugar fix, and back to the hotel to check email and do a few minute tasks before we regroup for dinner and another walk through the city.

On our way to Target we ran into a protest of sorts. Curious, I asked the local cops to fill us in on what was happening. They told us that since it’s May Day/First of May, this particular group of individuals always gather to protest in favor of workman’s rights and then march peacefully around the area. But there was a higher police presence because of the anarchists that tend to show up, cause a ruckus, and “break things.” The anarchists they pointed out, were the ones dressed in black with their faces covered up, and lingering on the outskirts of the protestors. Quite the welcome Portlandia!

The rest of our trek was pretty uneventful, but as always I have to photograph everything that catches my eye, and today the architecture stood out. I think because of the cloudy skies we had today? But seriously, I love the buildings here!

We also walked past several food trucks and made mental notes of where we would be eating our dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. I’m thinking GRILLED CHEESE!

The room at our hotel has a great view of the waterfront complete with a mini balcony. I hope I can capture the sunrise tomorrow before work begins. I have an early start to my day, so I hope to be asleep early tonight!


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