Portland at Night

So to update everyone, seems we arrived just in time to witness a little crowd control with some riots sprinkled throughout! Remember the peaceful protest I mentioned in my previous blog post? Well, a little while after we left the area and returned to our hotel with doughnuts and meeting materials in hand, the anarchists proceeded to “break things” as the police had feared. They attacked a police car, threw Molotov cocktails at them, and started a few fires in the area. Of course we were oblivious to this as we left in search of a food truck. We were quickly brought up to speed when we began to see SWAT teams descending on the scene and helicopters overhead. So we sat down on the corner and watched our surroundings. It was surreal to me. Cops everywhere, and yet people were milling about as if this was just an every day occurrence. We did witness one particular juvenile (he was older, but because he behaved like a 2 year old, I call him a juvenile) proceed to blow his trumpet at the cops as they were going in the opposite direction. I think I missed my calling in life as a photojournalist. I really just wanted to sneak up and take more photos, but when we heard what we think was a Molotov cocktail thrown at a nearby bus, we chose to go in the opposite direction. I didn’t want to get caught in what I called “friendly fire.”

We later found out that this had made national news. So here’s my version of what I saw just so that my friends and family are aware that we’re okay! And hopefully this will be over by tomorrow.