Zoo Run Run!

img_7555It’s been several years since we’ve done a 5K through the Zoo. Five years or more I believe. Usually when we’ve participated it’s freezing cold adventure. This year the weather decided to warm up considerably for January. Think 70 degrees. 70 on a mid-afternoon is not necessarily the most pleasant for a run for me. I tend to do better runs when it’s colder outside. But I persevered and finished in 40 minutes! That’s all that matters. I ignored the heat, the pain in my sciatica, and the fact that I kept getting passed by walkers! I pushed through and before I knew it I finished and was greeted at the end by my husband and our friends! The race benefits the zoo, and our family loves going there from time to time. So why not help out with a 5K? After all, I’ve run a 10K before, so what’s 3 miles?