Spring Break 2016

Although I was sorely disappointed that our daughter was unable to travel to Spain due to recent events in Belgium, I know that it hasn’t stopped her from having fun and making alternate plans. To recap what she told us in bits and pieces via text (and FaceTime this weekend!):

The leaders of the program took the students out to eat on Thursday evening when they found out that they would have to change their travel plans. She also went to the movies and saw Hail Caesar! where they served her a small glass of wine and some fancy chocolate. The drinking age I believe is 16 in Vienna, so naturally she felt so grown up to be able to have a glass of wine! She cracks me up.

Some of them visited the Mumok, a modern art museum over the weekend. Below is a picture one of her friends took of her inside the museum.

And on Easter Sunday, she went to mass. Yesterday a group of them took a day trip to nearby Bratislava in Slovakia where according to our daughter they had some yummy food.

Tomorrow they plan on taking a day trip to Brno, Czech Republic to do some hiking and caving.

Later in the week they hope to travel to southern Austria and stay on an organic farm for the weekend.

Below is a glimpse of her week so far.