Day 5: Wien and Recap

Our daughter finally got an Austrian phone from her group that she can use in case of emergencies. Other than that, she’ll continue to use her personal phone to chat us up via wifi to keep the costs down. You have no idea the smile on my face every time we get a random text from her! Today she wanted to know if her dad had fun at the NHL All Star Game last night! (Which he did!!!!)

Stop the presses, our daughter uploaded a couple of photos yesterday that I was able to download! If you know our daughter, she rarely takes photos, so this was a BIG DEAL in our house! They were from the Naschmarkt, the interior of St. Augustinekirche when they went to mass yesterday, and what appears to be the view from their apartment. The entire group went to Catholic mass on Sunday so we now have their very first group photo in Austria! Her friend Z. posted a picture of what looks to be the Sisi Museum. It houses many personal objects of the Empress Elisabeth.