First Dinner in Wien

2016-01-28 17.48.06We were able to talk to our daughter this afternoon. She filled us in on her first dinner (she called it green eggs and ham!), which turned out to be an egg served over creamed spinach. She said it was really quite delicious!

So far, even with TravelPass on her Verizon phone, she hasn’t been able to make phone calls or text us without a wifi signal. Gotta love Verizon. If we had T-Mobile she would have had unlimited text/phone calls at the moment. Oh well! Tomorrow she’ll find out if she can get a sim card that works or a pay as you go phone.

Also, the wifi in her apartment is iffy at best. So it may be a few days until she can get that worked out so she can start posting and sending us pictures and videos.

Stay tuned for more updates!