Puppy Smells

I know this is primarily a travel blog, but every now and then I post something that’s not travel-related. Today is a post dedicated for my wonderful mother-in-law, Sara. Hi Sara!!!!

After the passing of her precious basset hound, Max, she’s been looking forward to the day when she would bring home a new addition to her home. Today was that day. And she shared it with our daughter. On the way they stopped by and picked up her brother, Uncle Tony. They had a blast talking about his most recent trip to South America, our daughter’s impending trip to Austria next year and just had a great time with each other. I love that our daughter was able to spend some quality family time with her grandmother and great-uncle. Sometimes we get so caught up and busy with work and chores that we rarely have time to truly enjoy each other’s company. And what better way than to pick up a precious puppy!!!

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/135721183 w=500&h=280]

Sleepy RingoIntroducing Ringo, the cutest basset hound around! You know how babies have that adorable baby smell? Well, let me tell you, puppies have a puppy smell too! And no, I’m not talking about No. 1 or 2. He’s so tiny and precious, and best of all, he fell asleep on me!

He loved to chase our shoes and he especially loved to nibble on Sara’s toes. Welcome to the family Ringo!