Family Outing to the Nashville Zoo

We hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration this past weekend! The weather was a bit crazy for some of us in the days leading up to our nation’s birthday. Our county postponed their fireworks display until Sunday evening, but that didn’t stop our fellow neighbors from showing off their fireworks on Saturday night!

I started off the holiday weekend with a great visit to mom’s house on Friday. I stopped over briefly to visit and ended up leaving with a handful of homemade empanadas! Mami – they were AWESOME!

Saturday was our lazy holiday day. We stayed home and chilled out watching a couple of movies. Have to watch Independence Day on Independence Day!

My daughter and husband planned a spur of the moment outing on Sunday to the Zoo to cap off our holiday weekend. We got there early and had a fabulous time. Early Sunday mornings apparently are the best time to see some wildlife! The animals are out and about, the crowds are minimal (sometimes we were the only ones at each exhibit!), and the temperatures were moderate.

We finished the day with lunch at Taco Mamacita (best tacos around!), Basil gelato at Legato Gelato, and a short visit to my mother-in-law’s house (Hi Sara!!!!).

We were lucky enough to see the baby snow leopard cubs at the Zoo. They only bring them out for the public to see for about an hour on select days. We happened to walk by and noticed that Sunday is one of those days! So I took a ton of pictures and got a video or two of them as well. They’re so adorable! Make sure you check the video page tomorrow to see what videos I have posted from the zoo!