This has to be the park we visited the most, besides Magic Kingdom. We would come to Epcot in the evenings to have dinner. There are so many places to go eat and they have such a wide variety! Canada, England, Norway, China, Mexico, Japan, Morocco, the list is endless! To top it off, Disney was celebrating their Festival of Flowers at this park. So many booths with samples on how to create a tea garden, a Shakespeare garden, grow bonsais, plant a vegetable garden… we came back with tons of ideas for our front and backyard. It’s probably too late for me to start growing tomatoes, but I’ve purchased my herbs and will start drafting ideas on what to plant in the coming seasons. I also purchased a Plumeria plant on our last day of vacation. The flower from the Plumeria plant is what is used in leis. Supposedly it’s quite the hardy plant and practically unkillable. Cross my fingers that I can make it grow!!!!! If you want to read more about this plant, they have a Facebook page –> www.facebook.com/JustPlumerias