Day Four: 10+ miles

I just checked the pedometer and we walked 7.9 miles on Sunday, 7.2 miles on Monday, and 10.6 miles on Tuesday! So awesome! I’m sure my family has clocked in some miles today as they’re spending some quality father/daughter bonding moments at Animal Kingdom. I’ve done very little walking during this meeting (1.6 miles to be exact), but hopefully I can get some walking done this evening at Epcot when I meet up with the family for dinner. Especially after eating the wonderful food at our hotel. Today’s lunch consisted of salad, roasted corn salad, sautéed root vegetables in olive oil, Quinoa, Mac n Smoked Cheese, chicken, and ribs. Snacks were strawberries with merengue, peach smoothies, granola and almonds.

Well, as you can see I wrote that several days ago and was never able to catch up! I did eventually meet up with the family and had a lovely time at Epcot that night.

I kept getting texts and pictures from the family while I was in the meeting. It was how I found out that my husband rode Mt. Everest without any issues. He said he was a bit dizzy but not like the first time. Our daughter rode Triceratops Spin alone twice, and once she said there was some creeper dude that rode it with her,  but was totally expressionless. They rode Kali River Rapids twice and got soaked through!

After my meeting ended, I met them at our hotel room and we took a bus to Epcot. We rode Soarin’ together as a family for the first time before going to San Angel Inn for dinner. We wrapped the day by watching the fireworks on the way back to our room.