Day Three: Festival of Flowers

Epcot has had the Festival of Flowers in full gear since around March and will wrap things up right before Star Wars Weekends begin over at Hollywood Studios. Because today was a partial working day, the family took off to have some fun before I met up with them for lunch. D got to experience Soarin’ for the first time and really enjoyed it. Because they knew I would meet them early, they decided to ride the Land before heading to Spaceship Earth. I was able to get in line with them and enjoyed the ride. We hadn’t been on it since 2000, so it was a treat to ride it again. It’s meant to simulate going back in time and seeing how technology has progressed over the years. There’s one scene where the libraries in Alexandria, Egypt are burned to the ground, and Disney being Disney, pipes in smells so it really smells like burning wood! Towards the end of the ride, it asks you a series of questions, and based on how you answer them, it shows you what to expect in the future. I tried to film it so I’ll upload it as a video on a separate page.

Epcot had lots of pop up booths with displays on gardening tips, food booths, and a butterfly tent! Everything was so vibrant and colorful.

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