Day Two: May the Fourth Be with You

Otherwise known as the day we spent at Hollywood Studios. Within minutes of our arrival, I found a Boba Fett hat to match my handbag and couldn’t pass it up. Today was a pretty awesome day to spend at the parks since Storm Troopers marched around the park every so often. My husband and I got our pictures taken fighting Darth Vader, so the nerd in me was super happy about the park. I wore my old Star Wars shirt and saw at least a dozen other ladies wearing it throughout the park. Star Wars Weekends kicks in around mid-May, so we were getting a little taste of it at the parks.

Because of my husband’s motion sickness we invested in a patch that our family doctor recommended. He didn’t ride Star Tours but he was able to get on other rides that he normally wouldn’t get on and had a blast. I can’t tell you how many times our daughter and I rode it, but we did see Hoth, Princess Leia and Yoda, so we got our Star Wars fix.

We were going to pass up the Movie Ride, but then changed our minds, since our dinner reservation was later than expected and we needed to pass the time. We had dinner at Hollywood Brown Derby where we ate their famous Cobb Salad. Our daughter had a noodle dish, but it was like an endless bowl of food!