Twas the night before…

…our Walt Disney World vacation!!!!!

Can you tell how excited we are about this trip? To top it all off, our daughter just found out she made straight A’s again for her second semester at college. What a great way to start our vacation!!!! She showed me a stop motion film she made for one of her art classes. She took over 600 pictures of a painting she made with oil paints, uploaded it to a program, and made a film of it! As soon as she gets a chance to share it with me, I’ll post it here for you to see. It’s really quite awesome!

Today is the day we pack, run around and pick up last minute things we may have forgotten, clean house (yea, I clean the house before leaving for vacation, who wants to come home to a dirty house?), paint my nails (I’m thinking R2D2 for the fingers, and Boba Fett for the toes – such a Star Wars nerd I am), print off boarding passes, make sure the luggage has room for souvenirs, put my work papers together (I am working a few days on this trip), cut the grass, water the plants, and double check the packing list.

2013-10-18 14.59.46I will be up till the wee hours of the morning, that’s for sure. But then I’ll have 9 blissful days of being a kid, riding coasters, seeing wild animals, laughing it up with the hubby and the college kid, and eating Mickey Mouse ice cream bars!