Disney Journal…

Disney JournalThis year I thought I would do something new for our vacation. A little bit old school. Every time we’ve been on vacation, I’ve always tried to upload pictures and videos so our friends and family can see what we’re up to. I’ll continue to do that, but it’s a bit hard to do that on a daily basis. Once we get back to the hotel room, either I’m too exhausted to make sense of the pictures I took or too tired to remember what was said and done throughout the day. Or my iPad won’t cooperate, or the wifi signal isn’t strong enough and I can’t upload all of the photos I’ve taken during the day. So sometimes I wait until we’ve returned to upload the pictures, and my memory being what it is, I tend to forget things we’ve done. This time, I created a little homemade journal so every night that I’m too tired to get online, I can just bring out the book and jot down my notes. Then, when I go back to the travel blog I’ll have a way to remember our vacation! Plus this will come in handy when it comes time to print off the photo book I usually create through Shutterfly.

It was actually a lot of fun for me to design and create the journal. First, I found lots of images and wallpapers with designs that were Disney-related. Most of them were on the Disney site, and more were found on Disney fan sites. Since I’m not using the images to re-sell them but for personal use, I was able to download and use them. Then, using the schedule I had created with all of our meal reservations, I included that information along with all of the park schedules to each divider sheet. There were so many images I wanted to use that I ended up creating two dividers per day. One just for the date and another with the schedules and reservations. I purposely made them to fit a 5.5 x 8.5 journal and then printed and cut them down to the size I needed. Then I was on the hunt for the right book to hold my designs. Staples has a customizable notebook they call arc which is very similar to the more expensive version on Levenger’s site called Circa. I use a larger version of the Circa notebook at work for all of my meeting notes and to-do lists. And since I already had the special hole-puncher for my Circa notebooks, I was able to use them for my new arc book! Again, tech may be awesome, but there is nothing better than pen and paper!

When I showed up at Staples, they had 2-3 designs in 2 different sizes. Fortunately the smaller version fit what I had in mind. And the one I picked up had additional covers that I could interchange and use. So my Disney Journal could be reused every time we travel. Or whenever I need a new journal to jot things down.

I went ahead and purchased two clear zip pockets that I added to the journal. I plan on using one to hold all of our receipts and any purchases we have delivered to our hotel. The other one will hold all of our other important documents that are too large for me to add to the notebook. Things like our Magical Express confirmation, our Annual Pass confirmation, etc.

So you can see, I’m really a neat freak that loves to have an organized vacation! Yes, we make plans for what park we plan on visiting on any given day. But just because we have fast passes lined up in the morning at Animal Kingdom with lunch reservations, doesn’t mean we can’t just decide to head over to Magic Kingdom and enjoy the fun there! We tend to use our meal reservations and fast passes as a way to guide our trip. But once we’re there, as long as we’re together, eating fabulous food and treats, and riding every single favorite ride, that’s all that matters.