3 Weeks!!!!

The countdown is getting closer for this year’s super FANTASTIC vacation at DisneyWorld! The three of us are so looking forward to this. Although I’ll have to work for a few days in the middle of the vacation, it should still be loads of fun. There are so many things I need to check on to make sure we’re ready before we leave. I need to work on my to-do list! Download movies/music, make sure we have snacks packed and ready for our breakfasts (protein bars come in handy for a quick breakfast), find all of our mini bottles for shampoo and conditioner, pull out the suitcases and get them “dressed” up for the trip, and I need to look through my wardrobe and make sure I have everything I need for both work and vacation!

BobaFettBagSpeaking of getting ready, I did make one purchase a few weeks ago that I’m super excited about. This year I will be walking around the airport with a Boba Fett bag! Who is Boba Fett? Have you seen Star Wars before? MOM! You know I’m talking to you about this one. He’s a bounty hunter out to get Han Solo. I found the coolest bag online that is designed with Boba Fett in mind. Can’t wait to pack it for this trip!