It’s getting closer!!!

Just a few more days and we’ll finally be in DisneyWorld! Our daughter decided to surprise us by coming home for the weekend, so last night all we did was chat it up about our upcoming vacation. We’re already looking forward to some of our favorite rides like Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tower of Terror as well as some new ones like the Mine Train at Magic Kingdom! And the food! Can’t forget about the food! Not only did I manage to get reservations for dinner at Be Our Guest, but I also snagged some dinner reservations at Flying Fish! It’s our favorite place to be on the Boardwalk!

We’re also going to take some time to visit Downtown Disney before the construction is finished and it will become Disney Springs. This close to our trip and I’m pretty much on vacation mode!

As promised, here’s another sneak peek of our resort! Do you know where we’re staying?