Reservations Finalized!

Sneak Peak 1So we finally heard back from Disney on Monday afternoon with our hotel reservations. Although we’re not staying where the event will take place next year, Disney was more than accommodating by placing us at a moderate resort with a very, very, reasonable rate. One not offered to the general public online. How could we refuse? We’re staying at a resort that we’ve never experienced before, so this will be exciting! To keep you guessing, I’ll post pieces of pictures of the resort until we arrive.

Luck has definitely been on our side in the planning of this last minute trip. Last year we tried and tried and tried to get dinner reservations at the new restaurant, Be Our Guest. In the weeks leading up to our departure a friend of mine gave me a code to secure fast passes for lunch. Although my family enjoyed it, I really was expecting a bit more in the way of the food. I know that the dinner menu is different, so I decided to try to get reservations this time. Late last night I was unable to sleep so I stayed up checking the Disney Experience app on my phone in the hopes of snagging a dinner reservation. After a dozen tries with the same message: “No reservations available for this date and time, please try again,” a 6:20 pm time slot appeared! I clicked on it and this morning received an email confirmation congratulating us on a dinner reservation! So exciting!

P.S. – this is my 100th post!!! Can you believe it?