And the countdown begins


I recently found out that my workplace decided to conduct a site visit in beautiful Orlando for an upcoming event. Which means we will be THIS close to DisneyWorld! In less than 2 weeks! It worked out that I was able to take off a few extra days before our meeting so that my family and I can fly down and have a mini vacation. We’re going to squeeze in 4 parks in 3.5 days before my family has to fly back home and I go to my meeting.

So yes, we are off to DisneyWorld!!!! For the SEVENTH time! Who’d a thought? Never in a million years would I think to be lucky enough to take our family to DisneyWorld, never mind SEVEN times! Many people scoff at the idea of traveling to DisneyWorld so many times, but I tune them out. The amusement park is where I can be a kid again. I can laugh hysterically while being entertained by characters, I can scream to my heart’s delight while dropping several stories on Tower of Terror, I can eat wonderful food, see fantastic animals from all over the world, and enjoy all of it with my husband and daughter. It’s where my husband and I get to be kids again, and our daughter loves to hang out with us!