Day One: Her Perspective


D and I had a nice chat with L today (we even FaceTimed!!!). She was exhausted, but she had a great time today. The flight was about 8 hours long (they flew awfully close to Greenland!), unfortunately she was a bit crammed in her seat and only managed to sleep about 3 and a half hours. Hopefully tonight she’ll get a good night’s rest. As I type this it’s about 4 in the morning in London. She has an early start tomorrow (breakfast at 8 and her first session begins at 9). Tomorrow should be an exhilarating day as they have a 4 hour bike tour through London.

She took lots of pictures as they went on their 2 hour walking tour today. Thanks goodness for the wireless connection in her dorm! Not only does it allow us to chat with her, she’s able to share her pictures with us.