Magic Kingdom

As many of you know, our Disney vacation was cut short when we had to rush home and be with my mom. She was at death’s door by the time we found out what had happened and were finally able to see her at the hospital. She has since made a miraculous recovery and keeps surprising her doctors, friends and family with how well she’s improved. While she is not cured, she feels great and takes it day by day. Baby steps is what I tell people. Treasure the moments that you have with your family because you never know when God calls you to leave this earth.

That being said, I have finally gotten to that place in my life where I can look at the pictures we took at Disney with joy instead of sadness. Until recently, whenever I looked at these pictures all I could think about was how sick mom was and how alone she must have felt in that cold hospital room while I was out and about riding roller coaster rides! But now that I see how well she has improved, I can take the time to look at our vacation pictures with joy. I love my family, and I love spending time with them. They crack me up even when we frustrate the hell out of each other.

Happy Halloween!The first park we went to was Magic Kingdom. It’s our tradition to visit that park first. We walked over 26,000 steps (yes, I carried a pedometer!) or 10+ miles that day. We got there when the park opened, and we pretty much shut it down with Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party. It was a blast! When we first got there, the weather cooperated and laid out a mist over the land. The castle was hiding in the distant fog, and it was a beautiful site to see her peek through as we got closer. We took in all of the sights, sounds, and smells and it was wonderful!