Travel Day

Well we finally arrived! Using the Magic Bands was pretty neat and fast. We used them to pick up our Magic Express shuttle from the airport straight to Wilderness Lodge. But then, when we checked in, they kept telling me that I had no credit card on file and their system was down for the evening. So they had to old school it by making an imprint of my credit card. Which means that until they can add it in the morning, we are unable to charge things to the room on our bands or on the backup hotel key cards. Funny thing is, I entered my card months ago, and the envelope they gave me with my packet of info, clearly said, “card on file.” Looks like someone goofed somewhere!

Hopefully it will be cleared up soon. Tomorrow…., wait, later this morning, will be Magic Kingdom Day. Until then, enjoy a few quick photos I took with my friend’s borrowed camera. I’m going to have to buy one for myself!