MagicBands at DisneyWorld

I logged into our Disney account this morning and the message I’ve been waiting for appeared: Please customize your MagicBands. For those of you that haven’t been to Disney in ages, or haven’t heard me chat endlessly about it, Disney is heading into the next technological age. By using the MagicBands along with a special PIN number we create and our fingerprints (added security) all we would need to get into the parks, make purchases, use FASTPASS+ to get into the shorter lines, get into our hotel rooms, etc., is with the use of a colorful band wrapped around your wrist. In other words, a bracelet. How neat is that? Gone are the years of paper tickets. Gone are the years of carrying a card that you swipe everywhere and carry around your neck on a lanyard. The bracelet is supposedly waterproof as well. Not only can you specify a nickname for the inside of the band, you can pick out your favorite color. And Disney being the money pit that it is (I still love it though) you can stop at most stores or kiosks in the park and pick up cute little accessories to customize your bracelet even more.

Ever since we found out about this, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the message that we would get the MagicBands in time for our vacation. We like gadgets and anything techy in our house. I’m just glad I logged on to the account today. Apparently they only gave us THREE days to customize them. This gives them time to put them together for us, upload special information about our stay, package them in a pretty box and ship them out to us. We need them before we leave home, because we’re suppose to put them on when we arrive in Orlando. You need them to board the Disney Magical Express bus at the airport. Yes, we travel in style. You board a large comfortable bus that will drop you off in front of your hotel lobby.

Update on my husband’s travel from this week: He had to stay another night in Virginia but got a direct flight home this morning. He arrived a few minutes before 8 and went straight to work. We’re just so glad he made it back! Can’t wait to see him later today!