Washington, DC

As always we had a blast while in DC even though it was for such a brief moment. We drove past Georgetown Cupcake, but opted to spend our time elsewhere instead of the hour long line wrapped around the building. We ate Italian at Filomena’s on Friday night. Best AGNOLOTTI ALLA PANNA  I have ever tasted. Actually that was L’s order. But we liked each others dishes so much that we swapped! L ended up with my MANICOTTI DI QUATTRO FORMAGGIO, which happened to be Harrison Ford’s favorite dish when he dined there! We were able to see a couple of the Smithsonian Museums after the college tour before heading to dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill, which is our usual place to go to when we’re in town. As if we go there that frequently. Hope you enjoy the few pictures I was able to take with the phone!