Deposit Made!

Well, we are finally on our way! We made the deposit yesterday on our hotel and park tickets, so now the hard part begins. What hard part, you ask? Why, where we decide on restaurants for our lunch and dinner reservations silly!

There are so many wonderful places we can go to and experience a culinary delight.

There are the usual places:

And then there are the new restaurants (or ones we’ve never been to) that we want to try out:

We are only there Wed – Mon. That means 9 meals. 5 lunches and 4 dinners. We never count breakfast since that’s something we can grab and go at a snack stand.  There aren’t a lot of options when some of the restaurants are only open for dinner, and some of them are already booked the weekend we plan to be there. Wish us luck that we’ll find the perfect spot everyday!

We are already making plans to participate in Mickey’s Not So Scary Party, which should be a blast. Just means we have to go out and pick up costumes to participate in the festivities! And then there’s the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. Last time they had around 29 booths  serving wonderful delights from around the world for about $3-$7 per dish. Can’t wait to try out the various delicacies!