Day Two: Father’s Day and Animal Kingdom

When we got to our room late Saturday night, my husband had a package waiting for him. It was a cooler filled with his favorite soda: Sprite, and tons of snacks and candy.  Our daughter and I had ordered it prior to leaving so that it would get delivered to our room in time for Father’s Day.

On Sunday we slept in so we had a late start in to Animal Kingdom, but we still managed to have a blast. We saw tons of animals, and I finally got our daughter to ride Dinosaur with me! My husband couldn’t ride it because of his motion sickness, but she and I had a blast. They took a picture of us right when this giant dinosaur leaned in towards us and you should see the faces of the people around us. I’ll try to scan the picture at some point and post it here for you to see. We rode Kali River Rapids one more time and got soaked. So we left Animal Kingdom and headed to dinner at Boma Restaurant inside the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Best meal EVER! Of course I said that at every meal. From there we took a bus to Epcot and walked to our hotel at the Yacht Club. We changed clothes and went back out, this time to Magic Kingdom where we stayed until 2 a.m. riding all of our favorite rides. Talk about a long night!

Below are some pictures I captured of our day.

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